Dressler Santaus’ Bookkeeping Puts Black Horse Automotive Back in the Black

When it comes to vintage cars, Black Horse Automotive Services in Bridgeport is the local expert. Established in 1991 by Frank Buonanno, Black Horse restores and services classic cars which have special needs that ordinary repair shops can’t perform.

blackhorse.2 When Black Horse became aware of their dire bookkeeping problems and needed expert advice on QuickBooks, they called on Elizabeth Santaus from Dressler Santaus.

Elizabeth, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, has been paying weekly visits to Black Horse for the past two years to correct their QuickBooks problems, streamline their accounting processes and serve as their bookkeeping advisor. Black Horse uses an industry specific software to manage their projects and receivables. The software has a conduit link to QuickBooks that Elizabeth initiated to eliminate double entry.

“Elizabeth uncovered our bookkeeping issues and put things back in order, ” says co-owner John Buonanno. “We rely on Elizabeth as our accounting advisor and value her respected opiniblackhorseon for our quarterly and yearly business planning.”

Dressler Santaus provided them with QuickBooks training and she currently oversees Black Horse’s bank reconciliation, payroll and accounts payables activities.

According to Buonanno, “Elizabeth is responsive, sharp, professional and sets the standard for being the best when it comes to bookkeeping.”

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